Transcreation vs. Translation

When you hear about translation, it simply involves rendering content from one language to another. It may sound simple; however, a translator needs to translate the content without losing the real meaning.

On another side, you might already hear about transcreation. You might be wondering what this is all about. Ideally, transcreation goes beyond the concept of translation.

In this article, you will find the differences between transcreation to translation. This is essential to learn especially when you are looking for the best hotel marketing agency Singapore that will work on the transcreation services Singapore for your website content and marketing collaterals.

So, What is Transcreation?

Transcreation comes from two words: translation and creation. It is an intricate translation that keeps the original intent, context, emotion, and tone. The purpose of transcreation is to deliver a duplicate message seamlessly to the audience. The result should have the same emotional impact on the audience based on the original source.

How is Transcreation Different from Translation?

While transcreation focuses on substituting words from one language with words from another, transcreation services focus on expressing the same idea and concept in a new language.  It allows translators to use their own creativity and cultural understanding to generate information that will appeal to a new audience.

Below are the main differences between transcreation and translation:

Transcreation specialists are not only translators – they are copywriters

Copywriters typically provide transcreation services in other languages rather than translators. They are highly skilled in creating creative content that will resonate with the same message with the source. They will focus on keeping the original content intent, context, emotion, and tone.

Transcreation starts with creative brief

To get started with a transcreation project, you need to prepare a creative brief. Unlike translation, it will only begin with a source text.

So, instead of providing a source text, you need to give a clearer idea of the creative concept.

Transcreation can be costly than translation

Since transcreation will require creating a creative copy, it may be costly. Unlike, translation it can be typically billed per hour or by the project. Transcreation requires more time and creativity. It will need to recreate a message that will need to retain the intent, tone, and emotion.

Transcreation results in new messaging

Transcreation will result in a new brand messaging. It is targeted and localized. In contrast, translation will result in new words based on another language with the same messaging.

A transcreator will need to create a new message that is suitable for the new audience.

Transcreation is designed to trigger action

Transcreation is about creating content that is marketing-focus. It is not just informative content, but it is designed to trigger action from the audience or reader.

Transcreation can also involve advising the look and feel of the content

Since transcreation involves making creative content, transcreation specialists may also need to advise you regarding the look and feel of a creative campaign. This is why you can mainly notice transcreation in the marketing collaterals. It will simply involve creating new content that captures the brand’s voice and fits the new language.

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