South Beach Residences, A Condo You Should See!

Back in 2016 when South Beach Residences TOP and launched its preview, the hyped up Luxury Condominium halted sales and preferred a vacant period to selling off to the hype. Citing reasons, “Sometime in 2014, CDL, South Beach Residences’ developer, turned down an offer of $26 million for one of its penthouses citing imperfect timing to launch the project. It did not wish to sell any unit until market conditions were suitable.”

This quarter of 2018, CDL reannounced plans to put South Beach Residences back to the market, suggesting that the market is right and primed for real estate. This could potentially mean the property outlook is strong for the next few years and while prices are rising, it is a great opportunity to spring into the first wave of purchases before prices skyrocket due to market speculation.

South Beach Interior

What is South Beach Residences all about?

South Beach is the epitome of the definition of an integrated development. Situated right in the heart of the most happening and busiest district of Singapore, the development will consist of 5 Star Hotel, upscale Grade A Offices, Luxury Retail, Ballrooms, Business Centres and restaurants. South Beach Residences gives the opportunity to own an ultra-luxury residential unit in this mega-development. Jointly developed by City Developments Limited and IOI Group, South Beach is located next to the Esplanade MRT and City Hall MRT and within Downtown.

The Condo itself includes about 500,000 sq feet of office space, 190 apartments, a 654-room hotel, about 37,000 sq ft of retail space and a 29,000 sq ft private club. You can guess why it attracted an excited crowd especially investors from around the region. Everyone wants to get a foot into this prime condominium since its becoming of an integrated resort-like development like the previously acclaimed Marina Bay Sands.

Property boom in 2018

Previously mentioned, we expect the real estate market to go nuts in 2018. This is in line with what we observe thus far: More and more new condo launches with up to 6,000 residential units up for grabs in Singapore. “This year, 18 private residential projects with an estimated 6,000 units were launched for sale, says Ong Teck Hui, JLL national director of research. He foresees about 20 projects being launched next year, yielding 8,000 to 9,000 units. Ong’s forecast for new home sales in 2018 is 11,000 to 12,000 units.” Up from 11,000 projected sales in 2017, this is roughly an 8.3% increase in projected sales. In fact, there has been a 38% increase in sales as we moved from April to May. No wonder South Beach Residences has always been ready for this moment – they wanted prospect buyers who are able to an ultra-luxury development like this!


What makes South Beach Residences so attractive?

Being an all-integrated mega development (the 29,000 sqft private club makes it crazy alone!), here are the main reasons why South Beach Residences is so attractive:

  1. Iconic Architecture
  2. Surrounded by Iconic Buildings and Monuments
  3. Ultimate Convenience – Dining, Retails, Drinking, Clubbing under 1 Development
  4. Access 3 MRT Lines via underground walkways
  5. Spectacular Views
  6. Destination in its own right
  7. Truly the “One-In-A-Million” Development, made for the wealthy

To quote from the developer:

“Fine craftsmanship. Thoughtful finishing. South Beach Residences caters to the most discerning. Each unit is furnished with quality appliances and fittings from leading international brands such as Miele, Duravit and Keuco, infusing every unit with a sense of modernity and timelessness. Exquisitely designed, these homes set the benchmark for urban luxury.”

South Beach Residences CDL Developer

Since South Beach Residences is developed beside the CBD, the site itself is fantastic. Get views of the sea, Singapore CBD skyline and the Marina Bay reservoir area all under 1 roof with a good bird’s eye view of the city landscape. Furthermore, the condo is rich in heritage too – The south-west face will open onto the War Memorial Park which houses the Civilian War Memorial monument. This is one of Singapore’s most famous heritage landmarks (completed and unveiled in 1967). It is highly unlikely this site will ever be redeveloped anywhere in the near future. Beyond that is the Padang and Esplanade Park which are open greenery space. This will probably be where the prime stacks will be facing as this frontage offers the best-unbridled view of the CBD skyline and the Marina Bay area.

A Luxury Development alongside Positive Real Estate Outlook

In Mathematics, you learn that two positives create a greater output. And here’s the situation developing for South Beach Residences. On one hand, a highly reputable development with incredible amenities, prime location, and one of the best views in the city. On the other hand, a property outlook that looks like it’s ready to charge into a bullish movement anytime. Which is why we think that South Beach Residences is set to boom for 2018.

In case you were wondering, the unit sizes are atypical of Singapore housing – they are fairly huge (Of course with a greater price to pay):

Unit types: 

  • 88, 2-bedrooms (968 – 1647 sqft)
  • 61, 3-bedrooms (1,733 – 2,260 sqft)
  • 35, 4-bedrooms (2,282 – 2,627 sqft)
  • 3, 3-bedroom penthouse (3,581 – 5,048 sqft)
  • 2, 4-bedroom penthouse (4,127 – 5,629 sqft)
  • 1, 5-bedroom penthouse (5,768 sqft)

The current prices psf are not officially released yet, and we advise interested buyers to contact us to get an early preview during the relaunch, together with any E-brochures disbursement.

How the surrounding area – South Beach Avenue – makes the development even better

Enough about the Condo, let us take a quick dive into what makes the area so special.

South Beach Residences is located right at 38 Beach Road, surrounding South Beach Avenue. South Beach Avenue spans 32,000 sqft located within the basement, street level and conservation heritage buildings, South Beach Avenue has attracted many crowds from the Civic District. With direct connections to Esplanade MRT station and City Hall MRT interchange, many can now seamlessly enjoy convenient access to dining establishments and drinking experiences in South Beach Avenues’ expansive and generous spaces and exquisite.

For the foodie, South Beach Singapore is home to 16 dining and lifestyle concepts, including more than 10 restaurants, cafes and drinking places. You’ll never get to miss a day without a drink or two (Or a good night out!)

So be ready to enjoy your lifestyle when you finally decide to be a resident of South Beach Residences!

South Beach Residences by CDL

Finally, how to find out more about South Beach Residences?

Learn more about the project details and the Condo itself when you visit our main page at For those who want to get a more personalized touch and an experienced consultant to understand and help you plan for the best suitable units for your purchase, then simply drop us an enquiry email at here.

Why is good design important for cities?

Ali Grehan, a champion for good city configuration, was in Singapore as of late. Running Places makes up for lost time with her to figure out how we can make our urban areas more individuals focused, pleasant and comprehensive. Everything begins with great plan, she says. “The refinement between great outline and a terrible one influences everything, except is showed most seriously in urban areas, where there is a high level of interdependency between individuals.”

So how does configuration come through in urban areas?

The plan of urban communities is about our way to deal with put making; our administration frameworks and systems. Plan in urban communities is about how this approach is showed in the nature of the assembled condition. Urban areas hold the way to taking care of issues of our age – environmental change, crest oil, biased circulation of assets. Overseeing urban development is the improvement issue of our age. We have to consider urbanization to be an opportunity, not a risk. We will all profit – urban and provincial groups – in the event that we deal with this development by outline. At last, plan interfaces urban areas and associated urban areas are more altruistic, alluring and aggressive.

What does a critical, liveable city look like to you?

An extraordinary city for me is one that accomplishes greatness in the normal. Most places and structures must work discreetly and by and large as a scenery or thwart, giving a setting to those structures that have honest to goodness call to be unmistakable. My famous and vital city encounters are generally drawn from the schedule. I think this is valid for some individuals; we are reevaluating the significance of “famous” set up making.

What are the key elements of human neighbourly urban communities?

Human benevolent urban communities are clear, liberal, properly scaled, positive to setting and well made. This announcement portrays put making criteria I contrived for Dublin City Council’s Development Plan. An essential measure that we are on edge to advance is “liberality”; especially liberality in the plan of useful necessities, along these lines making open doors for delight being used.

Human amicable urban areas are likewise comprehensive spots. Inclusivity and Universal Design standards ought to educate how we make our urban condition. All inclusive Design goes a long ways past issues of physical access alone. In Dublin, the comprehensiveness of the assembled condition is currently revered in the reasoning, driving approach, new advancement and recovery. For instance, Dublin is the principal capital city on the planet to embrace an extensive way to deal with getting to be age-accommodating and is executing a five year want to 2019 in a joint effort with organizations speaking to the necessities of more established individuals. Making urban areas different and human neighbourly yields social and financial advantages; a city that incorporates everybody is more lively and imaginative, on the grounds that development originates from contrast.

Dublin is positioned as the ninth most bicycle inviting city on the planet. What has worked?

Dublin’s high positioning as a bicycle inviting city is to a great extent because of the accomplishment of the Dublin Bikes plot. This is a free open bicycle rental plan presented by Dublin City Council in 2009. The beginning of the program was configuration driven in that the principal stations were found near homes and work, not vacationer goals. This implied the bicycles were instantly valuable for customary Dubliners and rapidly ended up inserted in the life of the city. Eight million treks have been taken to date; the plan is popular to the point that it is extending quickly and has generated free applications to enable individuals to discover accessible bicycles and docking stations. We do have significantly more to do as a city in making the lanes more cycle and walker amicable, however, the accomplishment of the Dublin Bikes plot has changed individuals’ states of mind to cycling in Dublin.

How would you adjust what individuals need and what is extremely required?

This must be the most troublesome test confronting city agents and administrators. It is difficult to accommodate here and now requests with long-haul arranging objectives. Arranging needs to continue based on shared trust and regard, which just creates if everybody trusts that the issue is being portrayed honestly.

The planner has a critical part to play here. Creators can envision and impart issues, and conceivable arrangements, in ways that are comprehended by all. It is astounding how individuals will acknowledge an answer once it is created through significant interview, and clarified obviously. We have had numerous encounters where dubious issues were acknowledged by the neighborhood group. A current case is a surge protection venture along Dublin Bay. It was at first rejected by the group, yet is presently advancing great in the wake of being overhauled in a joint effort with nearby group individuals.

How would you get individuals engaged in configuration undertakings and procedures?

Dublin City Council has a solid convention of open discussion in creating an arrangement and capital projects. For instance, groups are effectively engaged with planning Housing Regeneration ventures. As of late, the city has built up participatory stages through which we draw in with individuals and test new thoughts. Activities, for example, PIVOT Dublin, Designing Dublin, BETA and the Studio have helped us try and develop; roused interdisciplinary cooperation over all divisions; made solid systems; offered chances to commend configuration affect and made an interpretation of thought to act through undertakings.

Do you have any fascinating impressions of Singapore that might be pertinent to Dublin?

Singapore is green! This was my first and ideal impression of Singapore. Broad and inventive urban greening is a gigantic preferred standpoint to a city, as it helps make higher thickness living worthy and more appealing. This is a critical lesson for Dublin and different urban areas. I was likewise extremely inspired with the outline of flat structures and the elevated requirement of building upkeep.

What are the expensive errors urban areas make when they overlook plan?

City issues are dynamic and associated – a factor of scale and multifaceted nature and setting. Configuration can enable us to comprehend the unpredictability, find proper arrangements and keep away from exorbitant mix-ups. Our mix-ups run from gravely associated transport framework to lacking administration frameworks for the gigantic number of condo buildings worked over the most recent couple of decades. These mix-ups make them thing in like manner; they are a result of choices taken in separation and for a solitary reason. The essential estimation of configuration is that it is collective, comprehensive and in light of confirmation and comprehension. You could state it is essentially “signed up” thinking – much looked for after, however regularly truant.

Ali Grehan is Dublin’s City Architect. She is taking her city places, actually. Engaged with getting Dublin’s first Light Rail framework in the mid-nineties, her undertakings in people in general and private area since have spread over urban recovery, lodging, foundation and transport. Under her charge, PIVOT Dublin, the Dublin City Council’s outline advancement stage, has excited a resurgence of worldwide enthusiasm for Irish plan.