Family Fun Places to Go In Singapore

Are you looking for a nice place to spend your holiday together with your family? Singapore is an amazing place with numerous places of interest that will keep fresh memories not only to you as the adults but also to your kids as it has plenty of tourists attractions and plenty of activities that will make you occupied throughout the holiday. With the following top activities and places to visit in Singapore, then you will have every reason to consider it during your next day out together with your kids.

Family-friendly activities in Singapore

Keep yourselves cool at the Free Water Parks in Singapore
You may find yourselves experiencing hot weather at Singapore. However, this is something that should never cause any worries in you as there are plenty of water sprinklers and water fountains that are not only great for your kids but also to you as the adults. In addition, there are no admission fees as these are just public utilities. Enjoy Singapore weather with these water parks and pools.

Treat your kids to the best kid-friendly restaurants in Singapore

If you ever wish to make your children happy while on a trip or an out, take them to a nice restaurant that will not only provide eateries but also provide plenty of playgrounds where they can run around after eating to their satisfaction. These restaurants in Singapore offer every food for your kids as they have compiled the list consisting of the best shops in Singapore that sell ice-creams and other mouthwatering delicacies. Don’t let your child miss this!

Engage yourselves in international storytelling festival 2018

There is an international storytelling festival to be held in 2018 after the success of last year’s event. Here, you will have a chance to exploit your creative abilities with art performances and creative stories, with the kids re-imagining the in-depth discussions on various issues such as traditional storytelling. This festival has something for you, why miss it?

Attend the young naturists’ camp with your kids

Your kids need to know more about nature and its conservation don’t they? The young naturists’ camp involves a lot of educational activities aimed at teaching your kids more about nature and conservation through various ways such as nature walks, worksheets among other activities. Don’t miss this event.

Food For Thought at Singapore Botanic Gardens

There is no doubt that you need a nice place with your family where you can connect with nature and share a meal with your loved ones, don’t you? The Food For Thought is the perfect place for you. The place has plenty of space for your kids to play on as you enjoy yourselves in the eco-friendly restaurant that uses full-height glass walls and upcycled milk tin lamps to ensure that you have been provided with natural light. The good foods served in these restaurants and the perfect atmosphere makes this a favourite spot for many families.

Café Melba

This is the most favourite place for most families especially due to the great meals and services offered, which also makes it the best cafes in Singapore due to its family-friendliness. The cafes balance the needs of the kids with the relaxed atmosphere that parents need to enjoy. With just the purchase of the main meal, the kids enjoy free meals every Monday at the outlet at the Goodman Arts Center.

Singapore Zoo

Singapore zoo is the greatest place that every family will enjoy visiting. Many families enjoy holding birthday parties here at the zoo as they enjoy the perfect view of over 2800 animals. At the night falls, you can check the night safari for nocturnal animals. What an awesome experience!

Lee Kong Chian National History Museum

The museum was established in 2015, and it’s among the newest in Singapore. It is divided into different zones; for mammals, amphibians, and dinosaurs. Those who love seeing dinosaurs are enthralled at the dinosaurs’ zone to see the animals’ skeletons. This is certainly the best place to ignite your kid’s curiosity on animals.

Esplanade Roof Garden

Offering a magnificent view of the city and Marina Bay, the Roof Terrace is a popular space for many to grab the perfect photo of Singapore’s modern skyline or to relax. Landscaped with manicured lawns, shrubs and small shade trees, it is a green refuge that adds a unique contrast to the modern design and architecture of the twin domes of Esplanade. The Roof Terrace can also be transformed into an event space for product launches, fashion shows, dinner receptions and more. The possibilities are endless.


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